The Healthy Look
A nice smile is the sign of a happy, healthy person. Physically,
dogs and cats can't smile, but, in a way, the same is true of
them. Healthy teeth and gums generally mean a happy,
healthy pet. A mouth full of clean, white teeth not only looks
nice, it's a good indicator of the pet's dental and overall health.

Sadly, pet dental health is often overlooked. When left
unchecked, common problems can lead to pain and, in some
cases, extensive surgical procedures. For example, gingivitis
is common in dogs and cats. When caught early, it can be
stopped through regular cleaning and good oral therapy.
When left unchecked, it can lead to periodontitis, which often
causes tooth loss and can trigger other serious health
problems. Periodontitis can't be cured.
Doctor Jan Bellows, D.V.M.
doctor jan bellows
doctor jan bellows
So What Does This Mean?

The best advice we can give dog and cat owners is to have your pet's teeth checked and
cleaned regularly. You wouldn't skip a dental checkup, so why should your pet?
Remember, its health is in your hands.

During a dental examination, the veterinarian thoroughly inspects your pet's teeth and
gums. Often, the only procedure needed will be a good cleaning. The veterinarian also will
suggest a program of home tooth brushing to supplement in-clinic cleaning.

Not all dogs and cats have healthy teeth and gums. For many it's a genetic situation, while
for others, diet may be the problem. Whatever the cause, your veterinarian will suggest the
best procedure to address it.

Doctor Jan Bellows, D.V.M.
doctor jan bellows